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Brands Introduction

AMCC : Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

  Time:2012-05-07 14:41

Applied Micro Circuits Corparation , known as AppliedMicro or AMCC or APM, is a fabless semiconductor company. It designs network and embedded power architecture (including a power Architecture License), and a server processor ARM (including a ARMv8 license), optical transport and storage solutions. They bought assets, IP and engineers concerning the PowerPC 400 microcontrollors from IBM in 2004 for 227million dollars and market the processors under their own name.

ApplieMicro changed their branding from AMCC to AppliedMicro in 2009 but kept the name "Applied Micro Circuits Corporation" officially.

It has processor business group and Transport group. The processor business group designs and markets embedded microcontrollers as well as server processor, packet and storage processors. It includes the network processors of formor MMC networks with IBM PowerPC 4xx Series microcontrollers.
The Transport Business Unit with AppliedMicro designs, manufactures and markets physical layer devices,framers/mappers and switch fabric devices. AppliedMicro has also a strong 10Gbit/s Physical layer devices portfolio and currently lead 10GBPS PHY market. AppliedMicro announced (01/29/2008) PEMAQUID / S19258, a XAUI-to-XFI 10G LAN/WAN/OTN Framer/Mapper/PHY device for 10GbE, 10G Fibre Channel, WIS (OC-192/STM-64) and OTU2 network applications. The PEMAQUID (S19258) represents AppliedMicro's first device in its MEtrON (Metro Ethernet Optical Networks) product family that is designed for Metro Ethernet and Carrier Grade Ethernet solutions systems. PEMAQUID enables cost-effective Carrier Ethernet solutions for the Metro WDM Transport Network.

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