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AT89S8253 Memory Brown-out Protection

  Time:2013-09-17 11:27
AT89S8253 Microcontroller Break /IC hack/ code reading/ extract program/ reverse 
engineering/read ic code
The AT89S8253 has an on-chip Brown-out Detection (BOD) circuit for monitoring the 
VCC level during operation by comparing it to a fixed trigger level of nominally 
2.2V (2.4V max). 
The purpose of the BOD is to ensure that if VCC fails or dips, the Flash or EEPROM 
memories cannot be erased/written at voltages too low for programming. We can extract 
the code and programe of the AT89S8253  Flash or EEPROM. At powerup the VCC level 
must pass the BOD threshold before execution starts. When VCC decreases to a value 
below the trigger level,the WRTINH bit in EECON is activated and futher programming 
of te Flash/EEPROM is restricted.
When AT89S8253 VCC increases above the trigger level, the BOD delay counter blocks 
programming until after the timeout period has expired in approximately 2 ms. The 
AT89S8253 BOD does not reset the system as shown in Figure 7-1. To protect the system 
from errors induced by incorrect execution at lower voltages an external 
BOD circuit may be required.
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