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Atmel MCU Code Extraction


  Time:2013-07-18 13:09


After repeated experiments,Beijing shouxi zhixin company has made constant technological 
breakthroughs, has minimize the cycle ATMEL AT91 series single-chip decryption , cost is 
relatively lower, reliability, the success rate, efficiency, accuracy, etc all reach a higher level.
For AT89C51RC mcu decryption,or other ATMEL AT91 series single-chip decryption
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AT89C51RC Features:
AT89C51RC  are Atmel 8051 reprogrammable Flash microcontrollers.
The device is manufactured using Atmel’s high-density nonvolatile memory 
technology and is compatible with the industry-standard MCS-51 instruction set.
Other AT89 Series mcu we can decrypt and crack:
AT89C51           AT89C52         AT89S51          AT89LS51 
AT89C51ID2    AT89C51IC2    AT89C51RE2  AT89C51ED2
AT89C5130A   AT89C5131A    AT89C5131    AT89C51AC2
AT89C55          AT89C55WD     AT89S52        AT89LS52
AT89S53           AT89LS53         AT89S54         AT89S58 
AT89S8252       AT89LS82552   AT89S64          AT89C4051
AT89S8253       AT89C51CC03 AT89C5115      AT89C2051
AT89C1051      AT89C51AC3   AT89C51CC01 AT89C51CC02 
AT89C51RB2   AT89C51RC     AT89C51RC2   AT89C51RD2