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Atmel MCU Code Extraction


  Time:2013-07-18 13:12


MCU decryption and mcu reverse work request a very high level of technicality.Beijing
shouxi zhixin company has invested a lot of effort to develop safe,efficient,low cost
AT89C51ID2 mcu decryption and other ATMEL mcu code extraction technicality.
We are able to crack most of the atmel AT89 series ICs now, please contact us to
learn more details .
AT89C51ID2 is a high performance CMOS Flash version of the 80C51 CMOS single
chip 8-bit microcontroller
AT89C51ID2 Features:
64K bytes On-chip Flash Program/Data Memory
– Byte and Page (128 bytes) Erase and Write
– 100k Write Cycles 
• On-chip 2048 bytes EEPROM block for Data Storage
– 100k Write Cycles
• On-chip 1792 bytes Expanded RAM (XRAM)
– Software Selectable Size (0, 256, 512, 768, 1024, 1792 bytes)
– 768 bytes Selected at Reset for T89C51RD2 Compatibility
Our engineer have lots knowledge of the AT89C51ID2 MCU internal structure and 
the encryption feature which makes us increase the success rate and efficiency 
and accuracy for AT89C51ID2 MCU decryption work.