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Atmel MCU Code Extraction

AT89C51IC2 MCU Decryption

  Time:2013-09-18 10:55
AT89C51IC2 MCU Decryption/mcu reverse/mcu code extact.
We adopt international advanced IC professional testing equipment and algorithm 
software for AT89C51IC2 MCU Decryption work, can accurately understand the various 
types of IC chip and AT89C51IC2 microcontroller core architecture, and the 
AT89C51IC2 instruction code and AT89C51IC2 chip program code can be extracted 
integrity , and analyze and explore new design ideas for the master microcontroller 
on the basis of existing code counter, product feasibility studies and analysis of 
competitive information.
AT89C51IC2 mcu introduction and decryption
AT89C51IC2 is a high performance Flash version of the 80C51 8-bit microcontrollers. 
AT89C51IC2 contains a 32K bytes Flash memory block for program and data.
The 32K bytes Flash memory can be programmed either in parallel mode or in serial
mode with the ISP capability or with software. The programming voltage is internally
generated from the standard VCC pin.The AT89C51IC2 mcu decryption retains all 
features of the 80C52 with 256 bytes of internal RAM, a 10-source 4-level interrupt 
controller and three timer/counters.
AT89C51IC2 mcu features:
Keyboard Interrupt Interface on Port P1
400-Kbits/s Multimaster 2-wire Interface
SPI Interface (Master/Slave Mode)
Sub-clock 32 kHz Crystal Oscillator
AT89C51IC2 MCU Decryption/mcu reverse/mcu code extact
8-bit clock Prescaler
Variable Length MOVX for Slow RAM/Peripherals
ISP (In-System-Programming) Using Standard Vcc Power Supply
32K Bytes On-chip Flash Program/Data Memory
Byte and Page (128 Bytes) Erase and Write
100K Write Cycles
Asynchronous Port Reset
Full-duplex Enhanced UART
Dedicated Baud Rate Generator for UART
Low EMI (Inhibit ALE)
AT89C1051      AT89C2051        AT89C4051
AT89C51RB2   AT89C51RC      AT89C51RC2   AT89C51RD2 
AT89C51ID2     AT89C51IC2     AT89C51RE2    AT89C51ED2
AT89C5130A    AT89C5131A     AT89C5131       AT89C51AC2
AT89C51AC3    AT89C51CC01 AT89C51CC02 
AT89C51CC03 AT89C5115