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What you can get after PCB reverse?

  Time:2013-09-10 11:16
If you have a PCB board to reverse and replace,if you want to clone and
copy a PCB board,we can help you.Just need to email us:
techip688@gmail.com Customers need to send us a picture of the front
and back of the board,and the layers of the board,the length and width
of the board.
Available Services:
Complete schematic diagrams in PowerPCB with hard copy and CAD files.
Net list (point-to-point wire list).
Bill of Materials (BOM).
Gerber files (for fabrication of PCB).
Prototype PCB fabrication.
Component assembly of PCB (for testing and evaluation).
the reverse of  PCB circuit board , grasp the PCB files , BOM list , principles 
diagrams and full technical information.According to the extracted diagrams
and schematics by PCB reverse engineering, the designers can optimize
the design of the PCB to meet the customer's special requirements.