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PLC decryption PLC cloning

  Time:2013-05-10 19:37

At the beginning,PLC programmable logic controller is a control device applied
to the automobile production line in order to easily adjust the design process .
With the digital implementation ,PLC is used more widely , basically any industrial
site can see the PLC figure.PLC accept the industrial modular design , generally
it contains a control unit , the analog unit modules and digital unit modules .

Core is the control module, the others are referred to as peripheral , this modular
design is flexible to achieve a combination , such as the number of input and output
control signal can be extended , it is also known as the input and output points in
the PLC industry , so the PLC engineers would say that the number of points in the
PLC system .

PLC decryption has two meanings . When the PLC system design in the industrial
field , the host computer will be used to upload a software to achieve this
control process ,After uploading ,engineers encrypt the PLC , others can not
download the program inside the PLC ,generally the ladder to achieve it, in
other words, in order to get the ladder software PLC decryption .

Here PLC decryption refers to get the program of  PLC control unit within the
chip and board file ,the user can get these files to arrange PLC products .
Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD has the core technology to provide
PLC decryption, can provide the program within PLC chip, provide the PCB
files and BOM tables of PLC circuit.