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PCB board copy PCB cloning

  Time:2013-09-10 10:54
PCB board copy is also called circuit board copy , PCB cloning or reverse
design , but it is not a simple imitation, but analysis the core of electronic
products control element witch is the reverse of circuit board , grasp the
PCB files , BOM list , principles diagrams and full technical information ,
copying the further development of the production or absorption design,
the new product will be more excellent with outstanding technical features
Beijing shouxi zhixin company is specialized in microcontroller decryption
Institute . Since its foundation, the comapny has long-term focused on
mcu reverse chip encryption design and software features algorithm,
to provide professional chip decryption , IC decryption and pcb 
reverse services.
email:techip688@gmail.com skype:techip.mcu.01