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PCB board change

  Time:2013-04-03 14:25


In the process of PCB copy board, if the customer intend to change the original

board, we also provide professional PCB board change service.In other words,

PCB board change is to achieve technical transformation,modifying some functions

or increasing or decreasing module,so as to upgrade product design.


We can switch the location place of the components on the board and redesign the

circuit according to the customer's personalized needs,almostly,we can build a new

PCB board for you.


Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology has a full set of advanced laboratory equipment to

meet the requirements of the customer to change PCB board,not only can improve

and solve  the  defects and the insufficiency existing in the the procese of PCB copy

board,but also can test all the state of the new board. Our service is to create value

for customers and help our clients always have a lead position in the product market.


And we  promise  the PCB copy or change is 100% accurate,and we ensure 100%
customer satisfaction.