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What are the effects of right angled lines in PCB Layout

  Time:2017-09-25 13:50
Right angle line is generally PCB routing to avoid the situation, has almost become one of the criteria to measure the quality of wiring, then right angle line will have much impact on signal transmission? From the principle that the right angle line will make the width of transmission line changed, causing an impedance discontinuity. In fact, not only the right angle, the angle, the acute angle and the line may all cause the impedance change.
Right angle line of signal effect is mainly reflected in three aspects: one is the corner can be equivalent to the capacitive load of the transmission line, slow rise time; two is the impedance discontinuities will cause signal reflection; three is the angle from the tip of EMI. The parasitic capacitance of the transmission line can be brought by the angle of empirical formulas to calculate the C=61W (Er) 1/2/Z0 in the formula, C refers to the equivalent capacitance of the corner (unit: pF), W line width (inch), epsilon r refers to the dielectric constant, characteristic impedance Z0 is the transmission line.
Due to the increase in linewidth jogs, the impedance will decrease, so will produce signal reflection phenomenon, we can according to the impedance of transmission line sections of the mentioned calculation formula to calculate the equivalent impedance of the line width increases, and then calculate the reflection coefficient according to the empirical formula: P = (Zs-Z0) / (Zs+Z0), a common right go to line impedance changes between 7%-20%, the maximum reflection coefficient is about 0.1.