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Take code from mcu mega16

  Time:2018-04-03 16:17
My company can take code from mcu mega16A
The ATmega16A is a functionally identical, drop-in replacement for the ATmega16. All devices are subject to the same qualification process and same set of production tests, but as the manufacturing process is not the same some electrical characteristics differ. 

ATmega16 and ATmega16A have separate datasheets. This application note outlines the differences between the two devices and the datasheets. There is also a detailed change log to assist the user at the end of the ATmega16A datasheet. Remember to always use the latest revision of the device datasheet. 
Minor differences in typical characteristics are not discussed in this document as long as the low and high limits remain the same. For detailed information about the typical characteristics, see sections “Electrical Characteristics” and “Typical Characteristics” of the device datasheets. 
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