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TMS320LF2407A mcu attack

  Time:2019-06-06 17:51
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products are updated and the prospect is limitless. Many companies are scrambling to get into the electronics industry, research and development, learn and imitate. Chip development of the electronics industry also aroused the enthusiasm of the industry, and people learn by reverse technology research such as chip decryption to other enterprises of advanced technology, seek a long-term development.
Under the situation of rapid development in science and technology, Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology in reverse engineering chip, the chip decryption area has been unremitting research experiments, continuous efforts for introducing advanced technology in China, at a more rapid pace to create Chinese technical contribution. More than 10 years of experience here, we know as long as treasure talented person, develop science, we will have a leap development in future.
Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology focuses on the single chip decryption, chip decryption, PCB copy technology research, chip decryption technology already quite mature, failure analysis on chip, IC reverse analysis and PCB copy board has carved out own world.
If you want to decrypt chips, please contact us.
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