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TMS320F28033 mcu reverse

  Time:2016-01-26 14:21
The TMS320F28033 is fabricated with static CMOS integrated-circuit technology. DSP code extraction
is the strong piont of Beijing Sichip. Now Beijing Shouxi CO.LTD can finish the TMS320F28033 code
within 2 hours. If you come to our office, you can test the code in site. Welcome to touch me
for more details. Email: techip688@gmail.com   Skype: techip.mcu.01
Main features of TMS320F28033:
Block Moves from Data and Program Space
Support of Hardware Wait States
Power Down IDLE Mode
IEEE 1149.1-Compatible Scan-Based Emulation
100-Pin Thin Quad Flat Package
High-Performance Static CMOS Technology
Includes the T320C2xLP Core CPU
Instruction-Cycle Time 50 ns @ 5 V
Source Code Compatible With TMS320C25
Upwardly Code-Compatible With TMS320C5x Devices
Three External Interrupts
32-Bit ALU/Accumulator
16 × 16-Bit Multiplier With a 32-Bit Product