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TMS320F28027 code extraction

  Time:2018-05-16 14:38
My company can do TMS320F28027 code extraction.
Under the situation of rapid development in science and technology, Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology in reverse engineering chip, the chip decryption area has been unremitting research experiments, continuous efforts for introducing advanced technology in China, at a more rapid pace to create Chinese technical contribution. More than 10 years of experience here, we know as long as treasure talented person, develop science, we will have a leap development in future.
Feature of TMS320F28027:
8-Bit HCS08 Central Processor Unit (CPU)
– 48 MHz HCS08 CPU (central processor unit)
– 24 MHz internal bus frequency
– Support for up to 32 interrupt/reset sources
• Memory Options
– Up to 16 KB of on-chip in-circuit programmable flash
memory with block protection and security options
– Up to 512 bytes of on-chip RAM
– 256 bytes of USB RAM
• Clock Source Options
– Clock source options include crystal, resonator, external
– MCG (multi-purpose clock generator) — PLL and FLL;
internal reference clock with trim adjustment
• System Protection
– Optional computer operating properly (COP) reset with
option to run from independent 1 kHz internal clock
source or the bus clock
– Low-voltage detection
– Illegal opcode detection with reset
– Illegal address detection with reset