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  1. 1msp430f1121 PCB CLONE
  2. 2MSP430F123 mcu reverse
  3. 3C8051F320 take code from MCU
  4. 4C8051F067 mcu attack
  5. 5C8051F336 code extraction
  6. 6Extract mcu HEX or BIN file M30

MSP430F123 mcu reverse

  Time:2020-05-18 15:38
 After ten years of technology, we have been working on a single chip, decoding, bonding, cloning and production integration, creating the distinctive IC electronics industry in China. Now Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology is committed to high-end single-chip decryption, the success rate is as high. Quick accurate, price concessions, no success  no charge, won the general customers the consistent high praise.  
Part of models for your reference:
TMS320LF2407A  TMS320LF2406A TMS320LF2402   TMS320F2812    
TMS320F2811  TMS320F2810    TMS320C2801  TMS320F28232   TMS320F28064 TMS320F2802
TMS320F240PQA TMS320F2810PBK TMS320F28015PZA TMS320F28066
TMS320F28063  TMS320F28069  TMS320F28051  TMS320F28067
TMS320F28021 TMS320F2806 TMS320F28332  TMS320LF2402A