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MCF51QE128 mcu reverse

  Time:2018-03-16 16:39

The MCF51QE128 is designed to deliver two to five times the performance of a 25 MHz HCS12. Beijing Sichip can offer the MCF51QE128 code extraction service. For more details, touch me. Email: sichip209@gmail.com  Skype: techip.mcu.01

Features of MCF51QE128:
16-bit HCS12X CPU
Upward compatible with HCS12 instruction set
Interrupt stacking and programmer's model identical to HCS12
Peripheral co-processor
Parallel processing module
Data transfer between flash EEPROM, peripheral modules and I/O ports
Four timers with independent time-out periods
Time-out periods selectable between 1 and 224 bus clock cycles
Low noise/low power Pierce oscillator
Phase-lock look
COP watchdog
Real-time interrupt
Clock monitor
Fast wake-up from stop mode

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