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MC68HC908GP32 code extraction

  Time:2017-08-01 17:41
Beijing Shouxi CO.LTD can offer the service of MC68HC908GP32 mcu reverse. The MC68HC908GP32
is a member of the low-cost, high-performance M68HC08 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units.
Email: sichip209@gmail.com   Skype: techip.mcu.01
Standard Features of the MC68HC908GP32
High-performance M68HC08 architecture optimized for C-compilers
Fully upward-compatible object code with M6805, M146805, and M68HC05 Families
8-MHz internal bus frequency
FLASH program memory security
On-chip programming firmware for use with host personal computer
In-system programming
Low-power design; fully static with stop and wait modes
Master reset pin and power-on reset 
32 Kbytes of on-chip FLASH memory
512 bytes of on-chip random-access memory
Serial peripheral interface module