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MC56F84xxx mcu reverse

  Time:2016-06-13 10:33
The MC56F84xxx is based on our newly designed 32-bit DSP core.It is the market's fastest digital signal controller, offering exceptional precision, sensing and control for the most efficient digital power conversion and advanced motor control applications.The MC56F84xxx includes advanced high-speed and high-accuracy peripherals.
Beijing Shouxi Zhixin offers the MC56F84xxx mcu reverse service.If you have any need,Please feel free to contact us. Email: techip205@gmail.com 
100 MHz/100 MIPS 32-bit DSP core
64 KB to 256 KB flash memory flexibility and Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller
Single-cycle math computations, fractional arithmetic support and parallel moves
Up to 24 PWM channels with input capture
Hi-res PWMs with 312 pico-second resolution
2x 12-bit high-speed (HS) ADCs with 3.3 Msps resolution
1x 16-bit ADC with 1 Msps resolution
4 analog comparators with integrated 6-bit DACs speed system event identification and shutdown of the PWM outputs
1 12-bit DAC with auto waveform generation
Various communication peripherals: 3 QSCIs; 3 QSPIs; 2 I²C/SMBus; 1 FlexCAN
This product is included in our product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch