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MC56F8014 code extraction

  Time:2019-08-12 16:46
MC56F8014 Description
The 56F8014 is a member of the 56800E core-based family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). Itcombines, on a single chip, the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of a microcontroller witha flexible set of peripherals to create an extremely cost-effective solution. Because of its low cost,configuration flexibility, and compact program code, the 56F8014 is well-suited for many applications.The 56F8014 includes many peripherals that are especially useful for industrial control, motion control,home appliances, general purpose inverters, smart sensors, fire and security systems, power management,and medical monitoring applications.
The 56800E core is based on a Harvard-style architecture consisting of three execution units operating inparallel, allowing as many as six operations per instruction cycle. The MCU-style programming model andoptimized instruction set allow straightforward generation of efficient, compact DSP and control code.The instruction set is also highly efficient for C compilers to enable rapid development of optimizedcontrol applications.
The 56F8014 supports program execution from internal memories. Two data operands can be accessedfrom the on-chip data RAM per instruction cycle. The 56F8014 also offers up to 26 General PurposeInput/Output (GPIO) lines, depending on peripheral configuration.
The 56F8014 Digital Signal Controller includes 16KB of Program Flash and 4KB of UnifiedData/Program RAM. Program Flash memory can be independently bulk erased or erased in pages.Program Flash page erase size is 512 Bytes/256 Words.

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