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Ford uses AR technology to change the car design process

  Time:2017-09-25 13:58
If designers want to change parts of a car, they can record their ideas in voice, and other designers can evaluate them later.
Ford auto parts and systems engineering Jim Holland vice president said in his speech: "to combine old and new technology (clay model and hologram) is very surprised, this can save the design time, the designer can also experience the intuitive design models. Microsoft's holographic lens technology is a powerful tool for designers, and in a rapidly changing era, we will continue to revolutionize the automotive vision and mobile service experience."
Ford officials insist that the technology is not meant to replace traditional tools such as clay models and computer aided design, but new technologies can help them quickly make design decisions and market models. Ford says the new technology could reduce design decisions for hours or even weeks.
"Holographic lenses allow the entire team of people to coordinate, share and experience each design proposal," says Elizabeth Baron, a Ford virtual reality and high-end visualization technology specialist. Mixed reality and solid models can help designers and engineers communicate effectively and help shape the idea of a vehicle design architecture, which is also very exciting. The efficiency and freedom of prototype car production and design change have been greatly improved."
The headset needs to be run on Windows 10. To protect security, users must be invited to the design conference individually.
The technology allows most people to see the same virtual 3D images at the same time, as designers from China can see the design changes made by the Dearborn Engineer in Michigan.
For the first time in 2016 after Microsoft introduced a holographic lens technology, since then, a large number of companies will do for commercial use, such as Thyssen Krupp elevator design, NASA (NASA) is used to mimic the surface of Mars, Case Western Reserve University to teach anatomy.
Ford has been working on holographic lenses for several years, and says it will use the device to design mass production models in the future, but declined to give information about the models.