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AT91SAM7X128 reverse engineering

  Time:2019-06-13 17:30
AT91SAM7X128 reverse engineering.
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se contact us. Skype: techip.mcu.01
Current Reset, and Current-Limit
PWMxL, PWMxH Output Pin Swapping
PWM4H, PWM4L Pins Remappable
On-the-Fly PWM Frequency, Duty Cycle and Phase Shift Changes
Pins 100
Terminal pithch(mm)  0.5mm
Package Type TFQFP
Dimension(mm) 14X14mm2
Drawing Link  ptqp0100ka-a
Mount pad  fig0009e
Mounting height(mm) 1.2mm
Mass (g) [TYP,] 0.5g
Renesas code PTQP0100KA-A(old: tfp-100B)
JEITA code P-TFQFP100-14X14-0.50
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