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AT91SAM7S128 mcu reverse

  Time:2016-05-17 13:30
Beijing Shouxi CO.LTD can offer the service of AT91SAM7S128 mcu reverse. The Atmel® | SMART ARM®-based SAM7S128 is a member of the SAM7S series of flash microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM7TDMI® RISC processor. It operates at a maximum speed of 55MHz and features 128KB of flash memory and 32KB of SRAM. The peripheral set includes a Full Speed USB device and PHY at 12Mbps, UART, two USARTs, TWI (I2C), SPI, SSC,PWM timers, three 16-bit timers, RTT, 8x10-bit ADC and 32 IO lines. It achieves single-cycle instruction access from embedded flash at 27 MIPS. The multi-layer bus matrix, multiple SRAM banks, PDC, and DMA support parallel tasks and maximize data throughput. The SAM7S128 operates from 1.65V to 3.6V and is available in 64-pin LQFP and QFN packages.

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