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AMD processor roadmap exposure introduced Zen 2 architecture

  Time:2017-09-28 10:22
Although the AMD Ryzen processor has finally started challenging Intel in the CPU market, the company knows there is room for improvement. Marketing Manager Don Woligroski even called Ryzen "not the best state of the new architecture", adding that Zen 2 will address its weaknesses. Now, the leaked roadmap shows when the new processor will be released.
This roadmap slide comes from the Spanish web site Informatica Cero and shows the details of the AMD CPU version until 2019. AMD next year will launch Pinnacle Ridge as the successor to the current Summit Ridge processor. These are improvements to the existing architecture, and the processor frequency is likely to increase, and these frequencies are comparable to those of the next generation of Zen chips from 14nm to 12nm.
AMD plans to launch in 2019 2 Zen architecture, named Matisse, is not yet known whether AMD intends to increase the design of Summit Ridge kernel 8 and 16 threads, but Matisse and AM4 motherboard with the use of the fact that it will not increase the number of cores or threads.
The roadmap also shows AMD's desktop / laptop APU, including the 2019s Picasso product. These are based on the upcoming Raven Ridge APU, which combines Vega 11 NCU with 8 Zen threads.