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56F832X_812X microcontroller decryption

  Time:2016-06-07 17:24
The 56F832X/812X, a member of the 56800E core-based family of digital signal controllers (DSCs), combines the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of a microcontroller. Inside a compact 48 or 64-pin LQFP, the device features: up to 60 MIPS performance (at 60 MHz) along with 32 KB of on-chip Flash memory and a comprehensive set of peripherals. It extends the capabilities of the 56F8322/8122 by adding additional analog-to-digital converter (ADC) inputs and timer input/output pins, among other enhancements.
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On-chip memory includes high-speed volatile and nonvolatile components:
32 KB of program Flash
4 or 8 KB of data RAM
8 KB of data Flash (832X Devices)
8 KB of data RAM
8 KB of boot Flash
JTAG/EOnCE for unobtrusive real-time debugging
Four 36-bit accumulators
Two 16-bit quad timer modules
FlexCAN (832X devices)
Up to two serial peripheral interfaces (SPIs) (832X Devices)
Software-programmable phase lock loop
Proven to deliver more control functionality with a smaller memory footprint than competing architectures