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integrated circuit DECAP Service

  Time:2015-03-26 15:58
Beijing Sichip can offer the best integrated circuit DECAP Service. Pls touch me. Email: techip688@gmail.com
Decap, also known as lid or go package, we can be a variety of chip packages according to customer requirements do Kaifeng services can be retained PAD and packaging line for easy testing.
Second, the chip to layer, dyeing, photography services
Depending on the process of the chip to provide customers, to provide the corresponding layer scheme. In the analysis of the chip when the need for the N-well and code points staining, dyeing services we can provide. Can use OM and SEM chip photographed different layers.
Third, to provide chip netlist extraction, both digital circuits or analog circuits can be accurately derived netlist based on chip technology for customer analysis. Export support Verilog netlist and EDF200 format.
Fourth, the layout extraction editor
According to customer requirements, can be extracted and analyzed the chip layout, can provide a full Western films of layout and verification services.
Fifth, the product of intellectual property appraisal
Provide more customer products, and internal circuit Reverse IP core chip analysis, providing products reverse analysis, reporting product differentiation. PCB circuit provided the difference compared to machine code programs embedded chip extraction and comparison, find the differences and provide comparison reports.
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