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TMS320C6654 mcu attack

  Time:2014-12-12 13:25
The TMS320C6654 DSP is a highest-performance fixed DSP that is based on TI's KeyStone multicore architecture.
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The TeraNet is a non-blocking switch fabric enabling fast and contention-free internal data movement. The multicore
shared memory controller allows access to shared and external memory directly without drawing from switch fabric
Incorporating the new and innovative C66x DSP core, this device can run at a core speed of up to 850 MHz. For developers
of a broad range of applications, such as mission critical, medical imaging, test and automation, and other applications
requiring high performance, TI's TMS320C6654 DSP offers up to 850 MHz cumulative DSP and enables a platform that is
power-efficient and easy to use. In addition, it is fully backward compatible with all existing C6000 family of fixed and floating
point DSPs. 
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