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TMS320C5535 dsp attack

  Time:2014-12-12 14:49
The TMS320C5535 is a member of TI's TMS320C5000™ fixed-point Digital Signal Processor product family and
are designed for low-power applications. Beijing Sichip can crack TMS320C5535 within one day.
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The device also includes four DMA controllers, each with 4 channels, providing data movement for 16-independent
channel contexts without CPU intervention. Each DMA controller can perform one 32-bit data transfer per cycle, in
parallel and independent of the CPU activity.
The fixed-point DSP is based on the TMS320C55x DSP generation CPU processor core. The C55x DSP architecture
achieves high performance and low power through increased parallelism and total focus on power savings. The CPU
supports an internal bus structure that is composed of one program bus, one 32-bit data read bus and two 16-bit data
read buses, two 16-bit data write buses, and additional buses dedicated to peripheral and DMA activity. These buses
provide the ability to perform up to four 16-bit data reads and two 16-bit data writes in a single cycle.