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Rapid TMS320F2810 Code Extraction

  Time:2012-05-28 10:55

Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology provide decrypting the TMS320F2810 Degital Siginal

Processor with our own equipments. We promice a 100% success, the clients can come to our

office to test and get the code with in one hour. we start to decrypt TMS320F2810 from 2007,

accumalating rich experience. With our own unique decryption equipment, the success rate and

 decryption speed is greatly improved.

TMS320F2810 series DSP is a series of 32 bits fixed-point digital signal processor. It is

the most advanced and most powerful DSP chip. TSM320F2810 have the capability of digital

signal processing, event management and embedded controlment, with which features,it is

specially applicable to the monitor and control conditions with large amount of datas needed

to be processed, for example:Industrial Automatic Control,  power electronic applications

technology, Intellectural instrument and motors,motor servo control and so on.
Currently, many servo control instruments,UPS,transducer adopt TI's TMS320F2810.
If you take the devices or chips to our office, we can decrypt them  within one hour. We can

supply the test chips to our clients.  
Please contact us for more information:techip688@gmail.com