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R5F21134 microcontroller 's program reverse decryption

  Time:2013-09-12 10:58
We know that in order to prevent the microcontroller 's program is stolen , most 
chips are encrypted with an encryption or lock -bit bytes to protect the chip program 
. Therefore , the chip encryption is also a anti- theft anti-cloning security 
practices . The chip microcontroller decryption is the attacker , with specialized 
equipment , using a variety of techniques to get the procedure for the microcontroller .
our company egineer can provide R5F21134 microcontroller 's program 
reverse decryption service.
Email:techip688@gmail.com  skype:techip.mcu.01
R5F21134 Features:
Oscillation Stop Detection Function
Voltage Detection Circuit
Power-On Reset Circuit
8-bit Multifunction Timer with 8-bit prescaler (Timer X, Y, and Z): 3 channels
Input Capture/Output Compare Timer (Timer C): 16-bit x 1 channel
Watchdog Timer
Clock Generation Circuits: Main Clock Generation Circuit, On-chip Oscillator 
(High/Low Speed)
UART/Clock Synchronous Serial Interface: 1 channel
UART: 1 channel
10-bit A/D Converter: 12 channels
Therefore , R5F21134 microcontroller 's program reverse decryption needs reverse 
technology, the information and programe that can help companies recover lost chip 
microcontroller program.
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