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MM908E626 Semiconductor Code Extraction

  Time:2013-09-27 11:48
MM908E626 Semiconductor Code Extraction,read the freescale MM908E626
Semiconductor Code,clone MM908E626,source code of MM908E626,mcu crack.
The MM908E626 device was designed and developed as a highly integrated and
cost-effective solution for automotive and industrial applications. This MM908E626 
Semiconductor device combines an standard HC08 MCU core (68HC908EY16)
with flash memory together with a SMARTMOS IC chip.An MM908E626 internal
voltage regulator is provided on the SMARTMOS IC chip, which provides power
to the MCU chip.clone MM908E626,source code of MM908E626,mcu crack,
MM908E626 Semiconductor Code Extraction
MM908E626 Semiconductor Features
High performance M68HC08EY16 core
16 KB of on-chip flash memory
Four low RDS(ON) half-bridge outputs
13 microcontroller I/Os
512 B of RAM
clone MM908E626,source code of MM908E626,mcu crack
Two 16-bit, two-channel timers
10-bit analog-to-digital converter
Internal clock generation module