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MC9S08DZ60 mcu reverse

  Time:2013-09-30 11:36
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On-chip memory in the MC9S08DZ60 Series MCU consists of RAM, EEPROM, and Flash 
program memory for nonvolatile data storage, and I/O and control/status registers. 
The registers are divided into three groups:
• High-page registers (0x1800 through 0x18FF)
• Nonvolatile registers (0xFFB0 through 0xFFBF
• Direct-page registers (0x0000 through 0x007F)
The burst program command is used to program sequential bytes of data in less time 
than would be required using the standard program command.
The sector erase abort operation will terminate the active sector erase operation so 
that other sectors are available for read and program operations without waiting for 
the sector erase operation to complete.
The FCDIV register must be initialized after any reset and any error flag is cleared 
before beginning command execution.