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MC13211 Micontroler Crack and Reverse

  Time:2013-09-27 11:18
MC13211 Micontroler Crack and Reverse,mcu code extraction,mcu data read.
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MC13211 Micontroler Features:
40 MHz HCS08 low-voltage, low-power core
16 KB Flash and 1KB RAM memory
Requires a single 16 MHz crystal
Programmable frequency clock output for MCU
Seven addressing modes for CPU
Multiple 16-bit timers
MC13211 Micontroler Crack and Reverse,mcu code extraction
-40 to +85 degrees C operating temperature
Low external component count
2V to 3.4V operating voltage with on chip voltage regulator
Inter-integrated circuit (I2C) with 100 kbps maximum bus loading
Three lower power modes for increased power life
Supports streaming and data processing modes