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our company MCU Ddecryption service features introduction

  Time:2013-09-11 10:57
A short time , 10 year sexperience,a high success rate , many IC decryption success rate can reach 99 -100%
We would not  charge if the Chip decryption is unsuccessful 
For some high-cost chip crack, we can decrypt first and pay later. ( This is  few companies can do in the industry's ).
There are so many mcu on the market, we basically can decrypt ! Some special encryption methods,
such as blown feet, soft encryption , most of us can solve ; Some broken chips, it may be possible to
help customers repaired .
Because of our technical personnel engaged mcu decryption has 10 years work experience, so for
various microcontrollers , CPLD, FLASH how to programmer, we well known and can help solve
common problems in programming ; we will give the most reasonable proposal for choosing the  
programmer; purchase and model for the chip replacement , we will give you suggestions to help
you to buy the most affordable chips. 
Chip decryption , IC decryption , PCB copy board,burning new chips
Any chip decryption , we provide free disassembler ( the disassembly only as a reference, if you want
to get the full source code can be compiled need for further consultation and cooperation ) If customers
need to modify the program functions , beijing shouxi would be properly charged.
Processing PCB, SMT DIP manufacture, including prototype production and testing !
the mcu models can be decrypted is constantly increasing , welcome to call us or QQ with us !
  •     Skype:  techip.mcu.01
  •     MSN:   techip688@gmail.com
  •     Email:  techip688@gmail.com
  •     Mobile : 0086-15313166205
  •     qq:302755760
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