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XC9536 XC9336XL XC9536XV code extraction

  Time:2013-04-26 10:17

XC9536       XC9336XL       XC9536XV   code extraction,cpld reverse,pcb copy.

Xilinx is the global leader in  programmable logic solutions supplier . Xilinx, R & D,
manufacture and sell of a wide range of advanced integrated circuits , software design
tools , and system-level functions as a predefined IP ( Intellectual Property ) cores.
In the field of CPLD and FPGA , Xilinx ( Xilinx ) is one of the world's largest CPLD

XC9500 family of devices include:the XC9500 5V devices , XC9500XL 3.3V devices and XC9500XV
of 2.5V device . XC9500 series can provide a complete solution designed from the simplest PAL
comprehensive design to state-of-the-art on-site real-time hardware upgrade.

Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD chip decryption service center has successfully
achieved a number of typical CPLD chip crack through special centralized technology research.
Now ,the company can provide safe and reliable IC decryption program for different types of
customers at home and abroad .

We can provide the chip decryption service of the Xilinx CPLD chips:
XC9536       XC9336XL       XC9536XV  
XC95144     XC95144XL   XC144XV 
XC9572       XC9572XL     XC9572XV