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  Time:2013-05-08 09:36

Our company is currently the most authoritative professional chip unlock technology
research institutions . For CPLD chip decryption, we have made significant technological
breakthrough , we can provide efficient and reliable decryption services about the
typical model ,meanwhile,it is also avalable to provide a complete development 
solution for some chips.

Customers who needs XC9536XL chip decryption service can sendr to us for free testing ,
our engineers will determine the detailed technical solutions of the chip decryption
program , which greatly ensure the safe and reliable project .

The XC9500XL 3.3V CPLD Automotive IQ product family is targeted for leading-edge,
high-performance, low-voltage extended industrial (–40°C to +125°C) applications.

XC9536XL has Advanced system features:
1)In-system programmable enabling higher system reliability through reduced handling
    and reducing  production programming times
2)Superior pin-locking and routability with FastCONNECT™ II switch matrix allowing
    for multiple design iterations without board re-spins
3)Input hysteresis on all user and boundary-scan pin inputs to reduce noise on
      input signals
4)Bus-hold circuitry on all user pin inputs which reduces cost associated with
      pull-up resistors and reduces bus loading
5)Full IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary-scan (JTAG) for in-system device testing
6)Fast concurrent programming

XC9536XL-7PCG44I     XC9536XL-7VQG44I        XC9536XL-7CSG48I        XC9536XL-7VQG64I
XC9536XL-10PCG44C  XC9536XL-10VQG44C   XC9536XL-10CSG48C XC9536XL-10VQG64C
XC9536XL-10PCG44I  XC9536XL-10VQG44I    XC9536XL-10CSG48I       XC9536XL-10VQG64

XC9536XL-5PC44C    XC9536XL-5VQ44C     XC9536XL-5CS48C            XC9536XL-5VQ64C
XC9536XL-7PC44C    XC9536XL-7VQ44C     XC9536XL-7CS48C            XC9536XL-7VQ64C
XC9536XL-7PC44I      XC9536XL-7VQ44I       XC9536XL-7CS48I              XC9536XL-7VQ64I
XC9536XL-10PC44C   XC9536XL-10PC44I    XC9536XL-10VQ44C         XC9536XL-10VQ44I
XC9536XL-10CS48C   XC9536XL-10CS48I     XC9536XL-10VQ64C         XC9536XL-10VQ64I
XC9536XL-5PCG44C   XC9536XL-5VQG44C    XC9536XL-5CSG48C     XC9536XL-5VQG64C
XC9536XL-7PCG44C   XC9536XL-7VQG44C    XC9536XL-7CSG48C     XC9536XL-7VQG64C