Nuvoton NUC501 MCU Extraction

:admin   :2013-09-06 10:25 :
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chip extraction,now,we can successfully extract the Nuvoton NUC501 programe.
The NUC501 is an ARM7TDMI-based MCU, specifically designed to offer low-cost and high 
performance for various applications, like 2.4G RF wireless application, high end joystick, 
edutainment robots, and home appliances. 
It integrates the ARM7TDMI with 32KB high-speed SRAM, crypto engine with OTP key for code 
protection, boot ROM, LDO regulator, ADC, DAC, I2C, SPI, USB2.0 FS Device, and GPIO as a 
cost-affordable feature rich microcontroller. We can extract the flash programe of Nuvoton 
NUC501 MCU successfully.
Nuvoton NUC501 MCU has OTP key to encrypt the data and programeour enginer can sucessfully 
break the OTP protection and access to the data,if customers need to study the 
programe,Please contact