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The popularity of ARM applications become a thriving and important
embedded devices, from communications, industrial , medical to civil
ubiquitous ,it is very common to use the ARM chip as the control core .
From ARM7, ARM9, and ARM11, to the new Cortex ™ - M0 , Cortex ™ - M3
and Cortex ™ - M4 .ARM company has licensed technology and IP cores to
partners ,by this mode of cooperation , making ARM technology to be
applied quickly and expandedly,just as the MCU was born ,INTEl licensed
51 single-chip technology to other company , using this model to promote
the technology to product and market promotion .

NXP separated from Philips at the end of 2006. NXP is a professional
semiconductor company ,mainly to provide a variety of semiconductor
products and software for mobile communications ,consumer electronics ,
security applications , non-contact payment and connectivity , as well
as car entertainment and networking products .

The good cooperation with ARM company, NXP company gets  the latest ARM
core and technical support ,so it can provide most comprehensive ARM chip
and fastest technical support in the field of ARM chip which makes it
always the first to provide the new products and the best technical guidance
to customers.

Due to the increasing of the ARM market ,the demand of ARM chip decrypting
is also increasing.Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD has successful
developed special equipment for arm chip decryption through technology research
trials and formal study .

The descrambler does not destroy the original master chip , using the descrambler
program to control ,letting the  ARM chip work firstly to communicate with  the
FLASH chips on the descrambler , and then BOOT the ARM base sheet program code to
descrambler FLASH chip , until all the code stored in the flash chip,then read
from the FLASH into the computer , at last empty FLASH in order to the decrypt
next chip.

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